Cottage Pie

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great-value family favourite~

份量6人份 烹調時間120分鐘


Carrot 2
Onion 2
Garlic cloves 2
Minced beef 500 g
Tomato puree 2 tbsp
Olive oil 3 tbsp
Plain flour 2 tbsp
Stock cube 2
Thyme sprigs few
Potato 8~10
Cheddar 200 g
Milk 150 ml
Butter 20 g
  • 1Heat oil in a pan and fry the mince until browned. Add the vegetables(carrots & onions & garlics), then cook on a gentle heat until soft.
  • 2Add flour and tomato purée, increase the heat and cook for a few mins before adding the stock, and thyme. Bring to a simmer.
  • 3By this time the gravy should be thick. If a lot of liquid remains, increase the heat slightly or add few flour to reduce the gravy a little.
  • 4Meanwhile, make the mash. In a pan, cover the potatoes in water, bring to the boil and simmer until tender, then drain well.
  • 5Mash well with the milk and butter.
  • 6Spoon meat into a ovenproof dish. Pipe or spoon on the mash to cover. Sprinkle cheddar on the top.
  • 7Put in oven for 1 hr 30 mins until the topping is golden.


To get really smooth, creamy mash, use a potato ricer or sieve. To stop the mash sinking into the filling, allow the meat to cool before topping with the mashed potato.

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