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PAELLA VALENCIANA 傳統水稻的瓦倫西亞(西班牙)

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    In a paella of about 60 cm, add olive oil, (2/3 of the base so), add two tablespoons of salt and heat over medium heat, once you start to smoke add the meat, starting with the pieces gradually larger and smaller, so that'll match the frying of all pieces. If you wish to make chicken liver, or kidneys rabbit will be incorporated in the last minute of frying the meat, since these are more delicate in cooking and would burn easily. Brown the meat over low heat, turning constantly to brown evenly on all sides. At the time the meat is almost fried, without actually burning, incorporate green beans and paints, regular chopped about 6 to 8 inches, if the vegetable is good quality and freshness, cut beans be made by hands clicked.
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    Continue browning the vegetables with the meat over medium heat, constantly turned to go evaporating the water and taking Jewish hazel. At the time of assessing the semidorada vegetables and smooth, add the garlic cloves in the center, the oil, and without ever burn joins the grated tomato, stirring from the center out of the pan, so propelling the sediments that occurred in the braised beef, uniting with the other set of ingredients. After about 3 or 4 minutes, the tomatoes have evaporated the water, at that moment is added judión (garrofó), previously boiled with water and salt, rehogándolo few moments. Add the paprika, turning quickly in the oil and add water in the pan over the rivets on the handle, increase the heat until it begins to boil hard.
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    Try the salt, correct if necessary and add the snails previously deceived, then a little saffron or appropriate dye and let the ingredients cook over medium heat until it reaches below the rivets on the handles. Retest of salt, add rice shaped ridge, ie from end to end of the pan, letting the rice broth asome barely above 2 cm.
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    Spread circular rice from the center outwards paella, covering the entire base, ensuring that the center remains the lowest possible quantity of rice because the rice in boiling sitting will uniformly from this point no longer should be re-wagging. The cooking time is 8 to 10 minutes over high heat and the remaining to 18 minutes over low heat until completely dry. About 5 minutes before turning off the heat, it should incorporate the rosemary branch so that aromatize rice Mediterranean with its peculiar sweetness. And like all our rice, let stand a few minutes before tasting.
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