Mixed seafood Risotto 雜燴意大利飯

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Risotto好像麻煩,但其實很簡單,失敗率接近零! 在街外order一個都很貴呢~

份量2人份 烹調時間30分鐘


Mixed seafood 海鮮 1/2包
tomatoes 蕃茄 2
onion 洋蔥 1/2
butter 奶油 2Tbsp
arborio rice 義大利飯 1cup
stock cube 濃縮高湯 1
Gin 琴酒 (I had no appropriate white wine, but without wine is fine) 正常都會用白酒的 但我沒有 但不加入都可以 今次只想試試有酒的分別 1/2 cup
  • 1材料 Ingredients :D
  • 2Chopped all the onion and tomatoes into small pieces. 把洋蔥和蕃茄切丁,備用。
  • 3Add the butter to the frying pan and place the mixed seafoods, fry till 60% cook. 熱鍋放入奶油,加入海鮮炒至六成熟,備用。
  • 4Prepare a cup of hot stock (any kind of stock). 準備一鍋熱的高湯 (任何的高湯都可以) Add the onion fry gently for 2minutes and add tomatoes. 放入洋蔥,炒約2分鐘再伴入蕃茄丁。
  • 5Add the rice on top the onion and tomatoes then stir. Add Gin till boil off alcohol.(I can't taste the different without using wine) 加入義米再拌炒一會,放入琴油(白酒)煮至酒精完全吸收。(個人認為有沒有白酒沒有大分別)
  • 6Add 1/4 cup stock, reduce the heat, and stir until the stock is absorbed. Continue adding the stock 1/4 cup at a time, stirring continuously, until the rice is al dente. It is take about 15 -20minutes. 加入1/4高湯,把火轉至中細火,等義米粒吸收高湯後再逐次加入1/4高湯,烹煮飯時要一直攪拌。 大約15-20分鐘米才煮透。
  • 7When the rice is ready then and add pre-cooked seafoods and stir. 當你認為飯的硬度是你喜歡的口感便加入半熟的海鮮拌炒。
  • 8Season with cheese and herbs, DONE. 灑下香草和起司便完成了。



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