Bacon Chops with Gooseberry Sauce醋栗酒燻豬肉

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At the start of the season, gooseberries are too acid and hard to be eaten raw,
but are perfect for cooking.純粹是用於烹調

Soft brown sugar 栗色軟醬汁
1 Tablespoon 茶匙
Mustard powder芥末粉
1 Teaspoon 茶匙
Bacon chops培根燻豬肉
4 x 175 Gram克
15 Gram 克
Onion, chopped 被切碎的大蔥
1 Large 1大顆
Vegetable stock 蔬菜根莖
150 ml毫升
Gooseberries栗醋酒, topped and tailed 頂級的
110 Gram克
  • 1
    Mix together the brown sugar and mustard and rub into both sides of the bacon chops. 把紅糖和芥末混合在一起按磨剁碎的煙肉。
  • 2
    Melt the butter in a large frying pan.用大煎鍋熔化黃油。
  • 3
    Cook the onion for 2 minutes, 烹調蔥2分鐘
  • 4
    then add the bacon chops, 然後加入剁碎的煙肉
  • 5
    half the stock and the gooseberries. 一半的湯料與栗醋酒
  • 廣告

  • 6
    Simmer gently for 15 minutes. 慢火墩15分
  • 7
    Remove the chops. 移開鍋具
  • 8
    Purée the onions and gooseberries until smooth. 煮爛蔥與栗醋酒至光滑
  • 9
    Return the chops and purée to the pan with the remaining stock. 將蔥與醬汁放回鍋內
  • 10
    Simmer gently for 10 minutes,文火沸騰10分鐘
  • 11
    until the chops are tender and cooked through.直到碎嫩且完全熟透
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