Three-Cup Fish(三杯魚片)

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I just want to keep the recipe for sharing my foreign friend in English. This dish is easy to cook for you that cooks the fish fillets fried with rice wine, sesame oil and soy sauce ( meaning 3 cups)

份量3人份 烹調時間20分鐘


Group A
fish fillet 400g
Group B
sesame oil ~15ml
ginger root 6 pcs
garlic 4 pcs
red dates 3 pcs
chilli ~0.3 pcs
Group C
soy sauce ~10ml
rice wine 10 ml
water 15ml
sugar ~3g
basil ~12 pcs
  • 1Please put Group B by order and wait smelling aromatic, then put Group A(fish fillet) and keep firing till cooking thoroughly.
  • 2Eventually, please put Group C (excepting basil ) by order and wait less sauce overall, then fire them with basil before dishing up.


It's just for fun. Please be patient by my poor English. If you there are any unclear parts, just feel free to let me know. ;-)

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